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Entrepreneurship Seminar 

Are you wondering how to become an entrepreneur? Or do you even have already an idea that you would like to develop further into a venture? If you are free on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning (9:45am-1:15pm), then join the curricular Entrepreneurship seminar. It starts on 10 May and will end on 7 June. It is open to all students and will give you valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

For details and more infos register below and/or contact Kai directly via E-Mail… or visit us in the office.

Course description:

Given the complex and multi-dimensional challenges of modern society, we need more entrepreneurs who start creative and successful ventures with extraordinary ideas. The Entrepreneurship seminar teaches students essential mindsets, skills and effective strategies for managing innovation processes in organizations – and for starting new ones. It covers the most vital steps in the venture creation process and is designed to engage and inspire ‘learning by doing’. Students will explore strategies of how to come up with extraordinary ideas, find ‘comrades in arms’ through strategic storytelling and get vital feedback on their first entrepreneurial steps.