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Mastering Design Thinking IV: The Power of Prototyping & Testing

Understand the different prototypes and learn to prototype and test for any occasion, from an essay to an actual MVP for your start-up plans. This workshop helps you to understand the art of failing fast and becoming successful in doing so. This is part five of the five-part workshop series we are doing together with […]

Mastering Design Thinking III: Learn to Brainstorm Like a Pro


We all know how to brainstorm. But do we all know how to brainstorm effectively, or even to brainstorm particularly creative ideas? This workshop will help you hone your creative confidence. Participants will learn an innovative yet structured approach to practical brainstorming sessions that will help them produce a great number of ideas. This is […]

Mastering Design Thinking II: Define Problems Like a Designer


Everyone can jump working on a problem. But are you working on an issue that is worthwhile solving at all? This workshop will provide you with moves from the designer’s toolkit that will help you frame your problem making sure you are working on the right one. This is part three of the five-part workshop […]